Save TAFE Greens Bill (Launch Nov 12)

The Greens Bill aims to:

  •  restore TAFE funding by reversing massive budget cuts, 
  • stop rising fees and job losses, and 
  •  freeze the O'Farrell government's aggressive Smart and Skilled market that would create a race to the bottom with low cost, low quality private providers. 
State and federal Labor and Coalition governments have driven TAFE to the brink of collapse, despite the massive economic and social benefits of publicly provided vocational education and training. It’s time to take a stand for TAFE and for a fairer society, a healthier economy, a vibrant community and a skilled workforce. Read more about this important Bill

Education: Another Brick in the Wall.

As part of its Vulture Capitalism month, the Addison Road Community Centre in Marrickville conducted an education panel. It was titled 'Another Brick in the Wall, and discussed the impact of Neo-Liberal market philosophies on education today.  The panel represented the three education sectors, TAFE, schools and universities.  The speakers were: TAFE Community Alliance - Linda Simon, Schools: Activist Teachers Network - Andrew Viller, Higher Education - NTEU - Nick Reimer.  The impact was felt differently in each sector, but there were also many similarities. In schools, the corporatisation is apparent, with schools taking on corporate identities, such as Optus funding professional development.  The use of testing, such as Naplan, to rank students and schools was also highlighted resulting from a market driven model of education.  The case study of the industrial action at Sydney University was used to highlight what is happening in Higher Education, with moves to drive down working conditions, undermine academic autonomy and put not just universities but academics in the position of competing against each other. Linda's speech to the forum is included on the website, where she highlighted the marketisation and privatisation of the VET sector, with current government proposals under Smart and Skilled NSW, undermining TAFE's role in quality VET.  Cuts to funding will continue to undermine TAFE's ability to maintain standards and students will be seduced into undertaking qualifications through providers that may not give them the knowledge and skills they need. The Addison Rd Community Centre plans to run another education forum.  Keep a look out, as the discussion was great.